The white lotus
 spiritual enlightenment
and purity.

It grows in muddy waters
and rises above the surface
to unfold its  beautiful flowers
against the light.



My name is Flemming Erslev (born 1963) and I am residing in NykÝbing Mors, Denmark.

My background is a financial education. My approach to get involved in debates on ethics and human rights is only my interest in these subjects.

The qualities I appreciate the most are:

When I look around the world, I feel, that there is an urgent need for changes. I want to participate actively to this and are contributing particular in human rights work.

My interest in Tibet is related to the country’s spiritual traditions, in which I have found ways to overcome personal adversity, and the violent Chinese suppression of truth, justice and humanity in Tibet.

It is not my intention to glorify any religions or ideologies.

After all, the most important is:

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